The R's of Retrofit

I’m a collector. I collect lots of things–from stretch glass vases to recipes to Mary planters to kooky friends. Here I’m collecting R’s. I started with the three R’s of environmentalism {Reduce, Reuse, Recycle} and expanded to include the R’s I try to live by to make a happy home and happy life.

Reuse, Repair, Restore & Repurpose
  • Reuse–Try and get many uses out of ingredients, objects, outfits and more!
  • Repair–Just because something is down, doesn’t mean it’s out. Repairing and mending items, rather than disposing of them is better for the environment, your pocket book, and in my opinion, your soul.
  • Restore–If something doesn’t have the same shine it used to, freshen it up, and bring back it’s former glory!
  • Repurpose–I love RePurposing because it is so creative!! Turning old, worn out, and ugly pieces into something new with a different twist always gets my blood pumping and mind racing!
Reduce, Rethink & Research
  • Reduce–This one is a hard one for me as a collector. I have so much in my life I need to reduce–clutter, clothing, calories–because I inspire to lead a life of simplicity.
  • Rethink–This can mean different things to different people. To me it means rethinking needs versus wants, and self versus society. Just making thought out and conscience decisions can make a huge impact on your life, your family, and your community.
  • Research–In a life with a reduced imprint, quality over quantity is key. Researching options can lead to major changes in lifestyle.
Recycle & Rot
  • Recycle–When things cannot be reduced out of the equation, reused again, hopefully they can be recycled.
  • Rot–Composting is just another form of recycling and reusing biodegradable items to make fertilizer for your garden.
Respect & Replenish
  • Respect–Respect others, respect yourself and respect the earth.
  • Replenish–This can take so many forms: from replenishing your spirit, your love for another person, the forest, or the local thrift store with donations.
Retro & ReLove
  • Retro–I cannot express my love for vintage home items!! Love them, love them, love them! I love the humor of kitschy art work and knick knacks. I love the design and quality of items that were built to last. And I love that when I bring these items home with me, that I am using (or, a-hem, REusing) something that is already manufactured and giving it a new life.
  • ReLove–Okay, so now I’m making up words, but I guess I’m talking about nostalgia and the way an old picture, song, movie or object can make you feel so warm and happy.
  • Radius–When buying new items and food, I always try and buy from local, small businesses. I also try and buy “Made in the USA”…something that is getting harder and harder to do.
  • Rescue–By rescue, I’m talking about animals. I’m proud to say that all my beastly babies are rescued from the Humane Society.
The R’s above are common themes in my life and in this blog. If you’d like to know more about how I incorporate the R’s into my life and my business, each of the R’s will be tags found through out this blog-dom.

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