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Want to be a guest Blogger? I'd love to have your story!

My blog primarily focuses on DIY's, upcycling, and all things vintage so if you have a fun before/after transformation, an awesome vintage find, a great "from scratch" recipe, or a rad way you've used an R, let me know!

My blog is also about slowing down, nostalgia, and pushing back against the modern world, so if you have a story about any of the following... 
  • Homesteading :: Raising chickens, bees, or other animals, gardening, canning, joining a CSA, we'd love to hear all about it!
  • Foregoing "modern conveniences" :: No cell phone, microwave, TV, car, please let us know the pro's and con's!
  • If you make your own cleaning products, soap, clothes, cheese (or anything else for that matter), we want to learn from you.  Give us a tutorial!
  • If you have a tradition that reminds you of Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad or Great Aunt Agnes, share your special memory and how your honor your loved one. 

Who is this for? Well, probably you. This is for anyone who has a story to tell; maybe you don't have a blog of your own, but you want to share info or just a fun story. Or maybe you are a Blogger/Vintage Reseller/Small Business Owner, and you are looking to cross-promote and further get your name out there. There is no money to be made here, just building a community of people wanting to share their lives with an online audience. 

The one thing I do ask is that you share pictures, so I guess a "requirement" is that you have a digital camera.  Other than that, the options are endless!

If this sounds fun to you, email me at

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