Gift Giving! Matt's Picks

So you all know Matt, right? He's my husband and my right-hand man in life and at the store. I asked him to come in and pick out some gifts that he thinks your right-hand man might like. (Or I guess, left-hand man depending on your dominant digits.)

Here are his picks >>>---------->

Whether he prefers the John Wayne or the Jeff Bridges version of Rooster Cogburn, nothing will make your man feel more like part of his favorite western than drinking a cold beer out of one of these awesome western mugs.
Siestaware Bar Mugs. $2.00 Each

Or fill that mug with a "frosty" non-alcoholic beverage! These retro formula sodas are made with pure cane sugar and are perfect for the men in your life of any age. Buy a 6-pack and get a free carrier to complete the perfect gift.
Retro Sodas. $1.99 each or $9.95 6-pack. 

Do you ever wish we still listened to records? Nah, me either. Listening to digital music is so much better. But vinyl and old-school album art are awesome. If he's a music lover, why not pick him up a vinyl record notebook, some upcycled record ornaments, or a sketchbook made from original album artwork. The bands featured are all top-notch, notable artists.
Recycled Record Ornaments (bottom). 3-pk $13.95
Album Cover Sketchbook (top left). $18
Record Front Notebook (top right). $18
All handmade by Vinylux. 

Okay, so maybe he DOES wish we still listened to records. In that case, this is the perfect t-shirt for broadcasting his musical preference. What's better than a new t-shirt with a soft, vintage feel?
Drop the Needle T-Shirt. Designed & Made by The Medium Control.
$26 (Other designs available.)

Oh Snap! Plaid shirts with pearl snap buttons are the perfect thing to make him look stylish and casual without being dressed-down. A variety of styles and sizes are available.
Western-Style Short-Sleeve Snap Shirt. $9.
(Long-Sleeve also available. $14)

This is just freaking cool. A complete microscope set for the young scientist in your life, or the man who wants a unique piece to decorate his man-cave.
Vintage Skil-Craft Microscope Set. $38 
And check out the graphics on the front. They're pristine and amazing! There's also two chemistry lab kits that look equally cool. They don't have the cool stuff inside, but they would look awesome on a shelf, or for storing stuff.
Here's the box closed.

So if you picked out some stylish clothes for him he looks the part, but does he smell the part? Grab him some lathering shave soap, mustache wax, or unique bar soap to get him looking good and smelling great!
Handmade by Clean Getaway Soap Company.
Bar Soap $7.95 each
Bastardly Bastard Shave Soap $7.95

Mustache Wax & Conditioner. Handmade by Clean Getaway Soap Co. $7.95

Lot's of the best stuff is digital nowadays. Music, movies, video games. That takes away lots of great gift options for guys unless you wanna buy him a gift card. But, if you wanna get him something tangible, something you picked out for him, why not grab some cool art? He can use it to decorate his garage or man-cave, or if it's a piece you like it can go up in the family room or TV room. There's a variety of prints to choose from, but some of the best (in my opinion) are featured below.
Living Dead Gothic. By Alternate Histories. $14
No Horse. No Shoe. All Good. By Jonathan Benning. $30
The Signing of the Declaration of Independence. By Alternative Histories. $24

Well, you heard him everyone! Lots of great stuff for the guys on your list!

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