Postcard Project: Miller Park: Bridges and Boats

Recently I picked up a collection of antique postcards from a collector (if you're reading this: Hey, Doug!). I was instantly in love. These old postcards are becoming harder and harder to find, and while I do want to get them into other postcard-lovers hands, I want to take some time with the cards, too. So I've been inspired to go around Bloomington-Normal finding the places depicted on the ephemera! 

This is a challenge for me, as I'm not originally from Bloomington, and don't know all the places. But I'm loving the history lesson as well as getting to know my new town. I started some place easy to find: Miller Park! Miller Park is such a gem in this town, and we're very fortunate to have this amazing green space. 

Miller Park, originally known as Miller's Pasture, was purchased by the City of Bloomington in 1887. It still has wonderful historical elements throughout it's nearly 70 acres. If you'd like to read more about Miller Park history, and see other great photos and information, click here.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures and postcards as much as I do! 

{If you'd like to see a larger version of a picture, just click on it.}

October 2014

Postmark January 15, 1909

October 2014

This card was never sent through the mail,
so there is no exact date; 1836 is the serial number, not date on this one.
This card is a "photoette" by C. U. Williams of Bloomington, Illinois. 

Postmarked March 31, 1910

October 2014

Did you know Miller Park once had a passenger boat on it? This postcard has the boat named the Clara Louise. 

Not postmaked, but dated August 23rd, 1908.

Postmarked, December 2, 1908
So these are just a fraction of the postcards passed on to me, so I will be continuing this Postcard Project. I have been posting a picture per day on Instagram and Facebook, as I try to fit these antiques into their modern setting. Follow me if you'd like to continue to see the photos! I've been using #PostcardProject. 

All the postcards in this post are now for sale at Retrofit Culture in Bloomington, Illinois. You know where we're located, right? If not, find us here

What does Miller Park mean to you? I'd love to hear about fond memories, see pictures, or know more about the Park's history. Tell me in the comments!

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