New Items!! Ruby Francis Clothing!!

Ruby Francis is a St. Louis based designer known for simple wares that are hand-constructed from 100% rescued garments and textiles. Ruby Francis takes vintage fabrics and reclaimed clothing and reworks them into original and classic designs. And guess what? She has items at Retrofit Culture!! 

We've only got a small portion of her offering right now, but man are these items cute! So cute! Crazy cute! Take a look....

'Peter Pan' collars >>>------>

Add these collars to your blouse, sweater, or t-shirt for a new twist on this adorable classic from 1960's. 

Ruffle Cuffs >>>------->

That's right for your arms or legs! So pick a pair that coordinates with your favorite sleeveless dress,
or put them in your boots for an added ruffle at the time. 

Hair Clips >>>------->

These barrettes and pins are too cute! Come and get'em!

Scarves >>>------>

Lots of options for scarves by Ruby Francis!

Come and check out all this handmade goodness at Retrofit Culture and follow Ruby Francis here on her website, Facebook, or Instagram. And don't worry, I'll let you know when we get more some of her clothing in, too. 

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