Quick Change: Living Room

So as you might remember, I am in the middle of spiffing our dining room, but that project has temporarily come to a pause (as so many great projects do). BUT hubby and I tackled a quick project in our living room in an effort to make our rental more "us". 

This is what was going on in one section of our living room...

Sooo, yah. A cute, but not comfy chair. And mini blinds. I dislike blinds for the exact reason I exaggerated for the picture, they always get so wonky!! 

The super quick change was swapping out the chair. This chair had been in my shop for a while and in my booth at the antique mall before that, so it was obvious, no one was digging it like I was. So it came home with me. I love it. Hubby thinks it's comfortable. And our cats think it's the best thing ever!!!

Next up, blinds came down. Curtains went up. Because the chair was floral, I wanted a more graphic, geometric pattern. I have some vintage curtains that are floral and I love, but I didn't think I would've loved the two floral patterns together. (By the way, I actually quite love mixing floral patterns together, but I've found it works best if the patterns are different scale. The chair and the curtains both had a similar medium-sized floral motif.) 

While I wasn't there looking for curtains, I found some panels on sale at Target that I liked a lot. They were a similar color to the chairs I just put in the adjoining dining room, too. 

Mid Century Modern chairs from the dining room.

Pattern on curtains. 
So here's how the quick change turned out...

Curtains open! Personally, I love extending the rod past window so that the whole window
can let light through, when the curtain is opened. For this particular window, we did it just to one side.

Curtain closed! Still lots of light coming through! 
I love the results of the quick (and inexpensive) change. BUT, it makes me want to do more now. I'd love to find a small table to put the chair...and maybe add a sheer panel to the curtain...and believe me the mantle needs help...maybe an area rug....

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