Retrofit Culture Etsy Shop! Up and running!

Some of you may or may not know, that Retrofit Culture was born online at Etsy under the name Kitschy Kitchen Goods way back in July 2011. 

At the time I was moving from Chicagoland down to Bloomington, Illinois and looking to trim the fat on packing. I'd been collecting vintage items for a long time, and it was time to sell. I'd had garage sales before, but it always broke my heart thinking that people didn't really understand just how cool this vintage junk was! I had a friend who was selling vintage items on Etsy, so I decided to see how it would go. I was surprised, and I started selling more and more. Before long packing was a distant thought, and I was buying to sell online. By that Autumn I had a booth at an antique mall, and by Winter I started setting up at Antique and Vintage Shows. But by the summer of 2013 doing markets and shows had consumed my time, a long with three different stores I was selling from. Etsy was no longer a priority, and I did not list many items, if any, for months.

In the Fall of 2013, I opened my brick & mortar store here in Bloomington-Normal! Yippee!

Now, with my store opened, and only doing a few markets and shows, Etsy has been calling to me. 

So I've started listing items again! And it's making me very happy!

I'm listing items that I have in the store, and at the price I have them here. {Major score for you, California and New York, these Central Illinois prices will look like Christmas too you!} Shipping prices are fair too!

But if you are local and see something online, and want to make sure you get it before someone else does, buy it! But send me a message first, so you won't owe shipping. Then you can come pick up the item at our store at your convenience. 

So go, check out Retrofit Culture's Etsy Shop---> HERE
Or take a peek right here on the website, just go to the tab marked Shop Online. 

And while you're on Etsy, mark us as one of your favor shops, won't you!

Thank you for reading...and shopping. 

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