Guest Blogger: Call Me, Maybe

I am Clair Ashley and I run a small business selling my handmade jewelry.  I work from my home studio in the wee hours of the night.

I am also a wife and mother to three young children.  We live a simple life on the prairies in Canada.

I don't own a smartphone.  I don't even own a cellphone.  Only a landline (I sound so primitive).

I feel I am the only person in the world who doesn't have a cellphone.  Dramatics aside, I know that is not true.  But it feels like it.  Why don't I have this wonderful modern convenience you ask?

To tell you the truth, I just couldn't be bothered.  I don't want to have something else in my life to worry about.
I see it as clutter.  Something else to "remember", something else to look for in my cavernous purse.  It's already full of diapers, wet wipes, lost keys and a graveyard of dead hearing aid batteries (that's right, I am hard of hearing in both ears which brings me to my next point).

It's hard to talk on the cellphone.  I can't hear people as well as I can on a landline phone.  Cell phones are completely flat.  That is no man's land for the hard of hearing.  We need the curvature to allow for better sound travel.  But I digress.

I'm also an introvert.  I don't want to be bound by this device always texting and having it call me.  I need a lot of quiet, creative, focus time.  It's how I thrive.  If I have a "pager" I will feel trapped.  

Switchboard Operators - 1952
Of course there are 3 cons to all of this (I could only think of 3):

1. CONVENIENCE!  Sometimes when I'm out and about, access to a phone would be SO handy. 
Recently, I was scrambling to find a phone, because it was of utmost importance to contact a family member while I was running errands.  To my horror, there wasn't a single pay phone around.  You could see outlines in walls of where they used to be (teasing me).  I ended up driving to my bank (I know!) and asking them if I could use their phone, because I bank there (really?).  Of course they were so helpful and obliged.  I will continue to bank there.  Shout out to Royal Bank of Canada!

2. FRIENDSHIPS!  Apparently this is how people converse in our modern times.  If I want to keep up in my social circle of friends,  I am told that I need a smartphone for the plethora of texting that occurs between everyone.
I send texts through my laptop if needed.  It doesn't allow for me to receive texts, but that's okay.  They know to email me.

3. INSTAGRAM!  I love taking pictures and therefore I knew I would love using it as a social media platform.
I went to sign up via laptop to no avail.  The bitter realization dawned upon me: you NEED a smart phone in order to use Instagram.  Really?  I whined.  I pouted.  I exclaimed to a wall "It's just not fair!"  I then felt pangs of lust for a smart phone.  The temptation was really there.  All because I want to take a few pictures.  Is it worth it?  Is it worth my cell phone abstinence to end after all these years?

Maybe I'm getting too hung up on this matter.
I ask you dear reader, to give me insight.

Clair Ashley


Clair is inspired by the ocean, words, and simple beauty. She can be found writing more thoughts on her own blog and website; and to see her beautiful, handmade jewelry stop by her Etsy shop. Thank you, Clair, for sharing your experience on foregoing modern conveniences. 
If you'd like to be guest blogger email me at tahnee@retrofitculture.com

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