Wearable Vintage

One of the things I always strive for when buying vintage clothing is if they are wearable or not. I don't just mean if they are in good condition (which is also a must) but if the clothes speak to modern sensibilities: on trend, easy to clean, and effortless to wear. I don't want these clothes to be plain or boring though; vintage clothes are off beat and fun and are for someone who likes to experiment with different looks. I also love when vintage clothes mix with modern pieces, it gives your outfit even more character.

I also love that vintage clothing is a form of reusing and recycling.  

Here are some photos of clothes that are in the shop right now:

This dress is easy to wear and looks great on. Pair with a jean jacket, structured blazer, or cropped vest. This dress in now in my Etsy shop too. 

I just adore this jean skirt with flowers at each side. I think it would look equally nice with tights and a sweater, as with flip flops and T-shirt. This skirt is in the store and also on Etsy

I think this dress is perfect for work. It's a bit understated, but certainly has a fun vintage style about it. This dress is also currently in my Etsy shop

I just love this little sweater vest. It's just off-white, and it in perfect condition. This sweater is also in my Etsy shop. I love the way this piece is styled here, over a button up. 

This dress is super stylish, too. I love the tie details at the neck and arms. The colors are vivid and fun!

This dress just sold and is shipping off to California, but I wanted to include the pictures because the dress is just so darling. 

This fringe jacket is also getting a new home, this one in New Jersey. Love that fringe!!

Thank you to my models, Kim and Cassie!

What do you love about vintage clothing?

Stop by the shop to see more great pieces, such as blouses, skirts, dresses, and outerwear. 

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  1. I LOVE the sweater vest! I also like to mix my vintage clothes with modern items. Something about wearing a vintage leather jacket with my comfy jeans just makes me happy!