The Painting is DONE!!

The colors I decided on where Cannon Grey and Iced Lime. Now the paint is up, and so are the boards. The boards are to add some architectural detail to the space, up the industrial vibe of the area, and to save on nail holes in the walls.

Here are some 'before and afters' from similar angles...

Before: Nicely painted but a little bland, and it had sound absorbing foam
on the walls (there used to be a music studio next to this space).
After: I didn't stand all the way across the room for this pic, but you can see the two paint colors, the boards on the wall, and my new counter, made from an old shipping crate!

Before: More foam on the wall. 

After: This is closer up too, but you can see both paint colors, two rugs, and boards on the wall. 

After: Some of the first items in the space...
A large old carpenter's handmade chest and some old mannequins. 
It's bedtime for me now, but I want to post more about the shipping crate counter and boards on the wall. 

So what do you think of the paint colors?


  1. LOVE the colors! We actually have that same green in our bedroom on one wall and we love it! The other walls are a kind of aqua light blue color that I never loved to begin with. The Cannon Gray is awesome next to the green. Might have to steal that for our bedroom.
    And the boards look very cool. Your store is going to be so fun!