Everyday Mid-Century Masterpieces

This weekend, my mom and I went sale'ing--estate sale'ing, church sale'ing AND garage sale'ing! On Saturday we went to a total of NINE sales! And then we went back to two of the estate sales today, Sunday, looking for deeper discounts...today I brought my camera. I didn't take pictures of my finds yet (that's coming), but I did take pictures of the inside of the first estate sale we went back to today. This house is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and it is a beautiful mid-century affordable home with original finishes!

These pictures where snapped quickly, and are mostly close-ups, because like all good estate sales this home was packed with items and people!

The angles of the house are darling, and an added surprise, a built in planter up front!
Awesome built-in in the hallway. 
The one and only bathroom for the three bedroom house is PINK! 
With metallic foil wallpaper!!
And built-ins that match the ones in the hallway!
A beautiful old school KitchenAid dishwasher, and are you seeing the Formica?
Here's a close up! I'm so in love with it!
The colors are a brownish-pink and light aqua on a white background. 
Built-in double ovens. In AQUA!!!
There is a matching aqua range too, but it was covered in stuff, so I took a picture of the built-in controls. 
And have you noticed? The cabinets in the kitchen, match the bathroom, and the hall built-in!
The second sale we stopped at was a nice, small, mid-century house in Waukegan, Illinois. While the house the estate sale was in was great, the house next door made me swoon!

Here it is! The owners were washing their car and moving furniture
(probably that they bought at the neighboring estate sale) but I think you can see the charm, right?
I wish that silly ole flag wasn't there, because the steel beam
 carport was amazing, with a white corrugated fiberboard (?) roof.
I just love it!
Both of these homes were in very nice, modest neighborhoods, and they have been kept up with since the 1950's/1960s. And I have to say, I love me a one-story ranch home! What about you? What "vintage" home style makes your heart go pitter-pat?

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  1. Ranch all the way!!! I used to love big ol' two or three story farm houses but my knees don't love the stairs anymore. I've even picked out a '60s ranch blueprint for when I (someday) get to build. :)