Change The Laundry: My Laundry List

I've been all hopped up on rethinking my laundry practices, cleaning out my laundry "room", and giving this area a new look...now to actually do it.

Here's my Laundry (To Do) List: 

  • Start making homemade laundry detergent. I've actually already done this, but I'm only on my second load using it, and I want to report back to everyone after I've done a few more loads. 
  • Install a high-efficiency solar powered dryer a.k.a a clothesline. This is actually also done, we did it this evening, but we haven't dried any clothes on it yet. 
  • Take shameful "Before" picture of my laundry room. Hopefully this will kick this project into high gear!
  • Clean out my closet, drawers and laundry room hangers. I have lots of stuff that is worn out and/or does not fit my body or my life anymore. I need to take everything that I'm not wearing to be donated. Also, the laundry room has been a catchall for way too long, everything needs to be gone through!
  • Deep clean the laundry room. 
  • Reorganize the laundry room. 

Photo Credit: Things Your Grandmother Knew

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  1. Ugh...I have to do the same thing...
    Good luck!