A New Look for Three Vintage Pieces

First, a trunk into a table. 

Here's a cool old trunk. And I wanted to attach legs. 

First you need four of these. You can buy them at the local hardware store, but I reused mine from a vintage ottoman. 

Then trace where to make holes. 

Then drill the holes. 

Then open the trunk, pop the bolts through the inside to the outside, and attach leg plates with a washer and nut. Screw on legs (mine were also reused from the same old ottoman), and ta-DA, a trunk with legs!

Now, why might you want a trunk with legs? For storage!

As well as a side table or coffee table!

This trunk table is headed to the North Shore Flea this Sunday. Here are some of the charming details of the piece. 


Next project that we finished, a silver and "Mermaid Tail" green industrial kitchen/bar cart.

It started with the color--which is amazing!--and it was painted on the back of glass and a primed MDF board. 

The glass must be cleaned really well and allowed to dry before painting on it. 

Here it is after one coat...

It's still really transparent here, so there were many coats that followed, 5 coats to be exact.
Here's the MDF being painted...

And here's the finished cart at the Vintage, Vines, and Wines Festival last weekend...

The bottom shelf is back painted glass, and the top is MDF with 5 coats of poly on top. 
This cart is now available at The Rustic Junktion for $85.00. 


Last, makeover. A pair of MCM chairs recovered in a horse/pony fabric. 

Here's a close up of the fabric. 
These chairs have now sold, but I still had to share, of course. 

What new projects have you been working on?


  1. Holy crap, you were busy! I have a trunk just like that that I need to put wheels or legs on. The Husband doesn't think it will work, so I'm going to show him a few of your pics so he can see that it totally does!

    1. It totally works! :) We sold this one, but we're gonna make on for us now!