Gnome Homes!

For the last few weeks my 14-year-old brother has been visiting me and my hubby in Central Illinois. We've gone up to Chicago and down to St. Louis, we've gone sailing and rock climbing, and WE'VE MADE GNOME HOMES!!

Alex wants to be an architect when he grows up so I commissioned him to be the one to actually build the gnome homes. He also decorated them and painted them (with just the slightest help from me). 

Here are some of the pictures of the building of the gnome homes...

This window and window-box was found at the Clinton Antique Mall for only $2.00.
We HAD to get it!
The houses were made from balsa wood and popsicle sticks. 
We also had fun thrifting for small items to accompany our houses. Thrift stores were a great place to find tiny objects to decorate the gnomes' gardens. In our gnome mythology the gnomes are tiny, with tiny objects, but bugs and animals are normal size.  We found a wishing well planter, bugs, rabbits, a gnome lady, tiny bucket, wreath, a blue pan to make a pond and much, much more! At  Target we found some ceramic toadstools and solar lights on clearance. On clearance at Michael's, we found a boy fairy riding a snail. We went to a local greenhouse to find the tiny plants and GNOMES!!

Here are my weed filled planters we used for our gnome homes...

Here are my planters with our gnome homes...

I "staged" and planted this little garden. 
Alex put this planter together. I love it!
Didn't my brother do an excellent job!! Here are some detail shots of the little worlds now in the planters...

Alex made this little wheelbarrow too! The wheel really moves, too. 

Window and window-box again!

This chimney is so cool!

Alex goes home tomorrow, but I'll have these little planters on both sides of my door to remind me of our fun time this summer. 

If you want to find more inspiration for your wee garden, check out Retrofit Culture on Pinterest


  1. Holy crap those came out good! I love the shape of them and the little window box is a great touch.
    So now I think they need a gnome skyscraper...
    How cool would that be! I bet your brother could totally do it!

    1. Yesterday, we were out on my back deck watching the dog play and run around, and Alex said to me, "Wouldn't it be cool if your entire backyard was a gnome city?" Now, I do not have the largest backyard by any measure, but to have it all be a gnome city would be a sight to behold! Not to mention our dog would terrorize the place! My lawn should be happy he is going home today. ;)