Two More Furniture Makeovers

Hubby and I have finished two more furniture makeovers, do you want to see?...

The first was a cute little side table. I knew I liked it because it was such a great size for a side table and it had lots of storage, plus an extra table surface that pulls out; but the color was not great and there was an odd raised border that went around 3 sides of the top.

First thing first, border gone.

Then the drawers, top, and extra table surface were sanded down really well, then coffee stain was added, and several layers of polycrylic. The wood stained in a marbeling affect with the coffee stain, which I loved because it looks so rustic. The rest of the body was lightly sanded, painted a grey-green and polycrylic was added. 

Here are some after photos...

The second makeover was of a two-tier corner table with considerable cosmetic damage. 

For this table, the "inside" of the table was hand sanded to bare wood and then coated with a semi-opaque grey stain. The "outside" parts of the table where also sanded, then painted with grey paint. The entire piece got several coats of polycrylic. 

Here's the after photos...

The milk bottle carrier from the first furniture transformation "after" shots was may Grandpa's when he was a milkman. He worked for a company named "Meadow Gold", and I found a milk bottle with their name and logo on it right after he passed away. It made me so happy, I just had to buy it; it fits perfect in the carrier, and looks great with flowers from our yard. 

So just for fun, here we go...


Hope you enjoyed. 


  1. Way to breath new life into those pieces! They look awesome!
    The colors you chose for both pieces fit each one so well. Job well done!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! Both were a lot of fun to do, too!

  2. Those are fabulous! I love love love how you left some of the wood unpainted and combined it with painted parts.

  3. They look fantastic! Especially love that coffee stain and paint combo.

  4. I remember Meadow Gold--they made the best ice cream. Think we had MG home milk delivery in the 50's in San Jose Ca.

    can you elaborate on how to make the coffee stain?

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  6. I would not paint either pieces. Though I like a combo of painted and wood furniture together. I also have inherited pieces I like to leave as is, if in good condition.