Today, on a Very Special Thrift Share Monday....

For the past week or so, my little brother Alex (who's 18 years my junior) has been visiting from Arizona. We've had lots of fun garage sale'ing, working in my antique booth and all the things 14-year-olds love to do <read heavy sarcasm>. Well, this particular teen wants to be an architect when he grows up, and also loves to build and be crafty, so I have commissioned him to build me houses...gnome houses! So today, we went thrifting to find things to go with the gnome houses. Here's what we found...

While we have yet to find gnomes, we did find a "gnome-ish" girl,
 as well as some animals to live with the gnomes.
And while we don't know a lot about these gnomes so far, they can drive. 
While Alex is building the houses, this well is perfect.
And we found little "doll"  items to go near the houses. 
Bugs! There will be life size bugs!
This little girl will not be outside in the gnome garden,
because she is mostly  fabric, but I do foresee her  going in a terrarium soon!
What else have we been doing? We went to Chicago to the Field Museum on Saturday, and last Friday we went to Springfield to see Lincoln's House. After getting our National Park Service stamps, we walked around the downtown area of Springfield, and "found" Urban Sassafras

This is a store I've heard so much about, but had never had a chance to visit before. It is such a fabulous little store, full of happiness and whimsy.  Here are some pics...

This is the cutest upcycled "robot" sculpture I've ever seen!

Here was my purchase. A sweet little plaque that says "Lee," my middle name! 
I'll give you more updates on our gnome gardens soon! And don't forget to go over to Apron Thrift Girl's blog for more Thrift Share Monday posts.


  1. What a great idea, and what a fun big sister too!

  2. That's such a cool way to stoke his interest and creativity! Excited to see what you guys come up with!

  3. Thanks for the shout out to US. Glad you discovered us and stopped by. And for showing my birdfeeders!

  4. You tell that whipper snapper its 115 here so enjoy that antique booth!:) Ok that actually cracked me up and your brilliant with your gnome idea.

    1. My brother is visiting here from Arizona, so he is appreciating the cooler weather for sure! lol