I'm the new kid on the block at the Clinton Antique Mall

So if you ever find yourself in Clinton, Illinois, I highly recommend stopping by the Clinton Antique Mall. It's a large antique mall with probably 100+ vendors, the newest one being ME! For now, I'm only in a small shelving unit, but its my foot in the door, and hopefully I can move up to booth down the road. 

I moved in this past Saturday morning. It's always easiest for me to follow a theme, even if it is self imposed; so the items I brought were mostly nautical, cowboy/southwest, and outdoorsy--maybe not the most cohesive of themes, but hey, it was self imposed!

Here are some pictures...

Here's a full shot of the entire space...

I couldn't wait to see what I might have sold so I rushed over this morning, and was happy that I had in fact sold a couple things! Yeah!

I brought a few more items, too, just hoping a could squeeze them in and I did. 

The paper mache chicken, 1950's Mariner's Dictionary, and the grey squirrel's house with green roof are all new to my space.   

This bar coaster set is really funny. It lists the days of the week and then an alcoholic drink next to it, except next to Sunday. The coaster holder says "Never on Sunday". Old school, right?
So that's that, I'm moved in, I'm selling, life is good. It would be even better if you'd stop by and peruse my space. 

Clinton Antique Mall
1439 Illinois 54
(Northeast corner of IL-51 & IL-54)
Clinton, IL

Hours of Operation: 
Monday through Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am -5pm


  1. Congrats on your new space! It looks awesome!!!
    Those coasters crack me up!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I'm sure I'll be settling in for a while, and learning just how best to display items on the shelves, but I'm up for the challenge. And you are so right those coasters are a hoot!