Estate Sales, Garage Sales and Thrift Stores, oh my!

This weekend was awesome in terms of shopping for vintage treasures!...

Last Thursday night, after work, Hubby and I went to a few garage sales since there are many that start Thursday evenings in our area. I bought a retro bowling bag, and that was it. While it was a cool bag, it did not satisfy my thirst for vintage. Strike one.

On Friday, we planned on going to two estate sales. Well someone (me) didn't check the times and one closed before we got there and the other was just not great. Strike two.

Saturday we planned on going to an estate sale with my Mom. We didn't want to get there right when it opened, because I've found the people at the beginning of sale are a bit cuckoo (like, more than me), and I, for the most part, would just rather avoid it. So we got there about an hour and a half after the sale started and the entire front lawn was covered with people waiting to get in! We couldn't believe it! We put our names on the list, and waited patiently. We waited an hour and I felt out my comrades-in-vintage to see if we should just leave; the consensus was we'd waited too long to leave at that point. Another hour passed, and we finally got in...and it. was. heaven. Vintage clothes. Vintage holiday decorations. Vintage kitchen goods. My head was spinning. I bought tons of neat-o stuff, tons, I tell you. We also hit up some thrift stores and got some good deals there too. Home run!

On Sunday, we had lunch with my family, and on way home I spotted a little hand painted Estate Sale sign. Needless, to say, we went, we bought, we filled the van. AND THEN we hit one garage sale where I got so much we had to go empty the van and come back to pick everything up. We are talking tonnage, people. Home run, out of the park, GRAND SLAM, and all that great sports analogy stuff!

We had so much stuff that we couldn't leave my mom's with all of it. That's right, Hubby, had to haul it home, and then drive back to my mom's to pick me, the doggy, and the rest of my stuff up! That left my mom and I alone for some downtime. What to do? Shop. We went back to the Estate Sale from Saturday and bought more. <Sigh> It was amazing.

My plan was to have a big blog post, showing all of the vintage treasures. But alas, with so much stuff and multiple trips, items got packed, stacked and stuffed into our garage. So no pictures now, but they are coming.

Why so much stuff? Why am I buying like a crazy woman? Because it's show season! Hobnob Summer Market is coming up, followed by the monthly 3rd Sunday Market. And (exciting news) I'm moving into another antique mall in Clinton, Illinois. So you see, I had to do it. Plus, it was amazingly fun. More updates on everything soon. 

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