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So for the past two weekends, I've been selling my vintage-loving-heart out at the Prairie Traveling Vintage Show's Elkhart Vintage Market. The show was amazingly fun, as always with this group of "thrifted sisters". This was the second year doing this show, and we doubled in size, taking over 4 buildings in the small town of Elkhart, Illinios. Add us to the 3 other permanent Antique and Vintage shops in town, plus great food at the Wild Hare Cafe (recently online on Midwest Living), PLUS Wildflower Tours (also featured online and in print in Midwest Living)and get an equation for two fabulous small town, Central Illinois weekends!

But, preparing for the show and selling at the show left little time for looking around and shopping for retro relics. I managed to score a few finds at an estate sale last Friday. Take a look...

...cool light covers, a glass mannequin head, a business themed board game (sounds fun), and a trio of brass snakes. 

Here's a close up on one of the brass statues...Yup, that's two snakes eating a frog. 

On Saturday morning, I had to head off to the Market, but there was this HUGE church sale going on in town. Never fear, Dear Husband, volunteered to go! And he found some goodies, too!

Here are a few of his scores...A metal candle holder, teak wood fruit and fruit bowl and two kitty cat bookends. He also scored some furniture for us to fix up, but alas, it is already buried in the garage. 

Here's a close up on the bookends. With just a little cleaning, they well be cute as can be and head up to Chicago this next weekend for Vintage Garage Chicago's Season Opener!
I think he did pretty well, don't you?

Since I don't have more to show you from thrifty weekend finds, I thought I'd share some pictures from my space and around the Elkhart Vintage Market. 

Me :: Retrofit Culture

Morning Glory Collectibles

Morning Glory Collectibles

To find more pictures of the Elkhart Vintage Market, stop by my Facebook page and check out Prairie Traveling Vintage Show's page too. 

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