An Easy Update

Here's a quick tutorial on an easy way to update furniture in no time. Here we go: 

You will need the following: 

-Con-Tact Paper with adhesive (or similar product)
-A silhouette image printed onto cardstock
-The piece of furniture you'd like to transform (I used a laminate top piece, glass or painted or smooth wood finish would work too, but the surface must be very smooth.)

Here's what to do:

1. Cut out your silhouette.  I knew I wanted to use a deer silhouette so I simply googled "deer silhouette" and about a billion options popped up. Other cute silhouettes could be owls, dogs, cats, a Victorian-type woman's head, it's up to you! I chose the deer I liked and printed it onto card stock. I ended up using cuticle scissors on some of the finer details in the antlers. This cut out is now your stencil. 

2. Trace your stencil onto the back of your Con-Tact paper. I found this contact paper in the package at a thrift store for super cheap. I like the idea of using a lighter "wood" on my darker "wood" laminate table. I chose to trace two deer, each looking the opposite direction. 

3. Cut out your tracing on the Con-Tact paper. 

4. Select a spot on your piece of furniture, peel back the Con-Tact paper backing, and stick. I peeled back just a little bit of the paper to start with, got the deer where I wanted it, and got the peeled back part stuck down. Once in place, I peeled more paper back, smoothed, more paper back, smoothed, until the entire deer was stuck into place...then I smoothed some more. 

5. Stand back and admire your work!

Quick, easy, inexpensive...that's my kind of project. 


  1. Cute idea, and I like the lighter wood too!

    1. Thanks, Jolene! I had this little table forever, I just new it needed a little something to be extra special!