Thrift Share Monday and Upcoming Shows

My favorite thrifting partner is my mom (sorry, hubby). We are quite a pair, making our rounds to the local thrift stores when I go to visit her or she comes to visit me. She is a bad influence on me, always encouraging me to buy, buy, buy, but this last visit, knowing I had two upcoming shows booked, I was in the buying mood!

Here are some of the items I found...
...a tin recipe box, black wall sconce, colorful yarn covered bird, and a 3-liter cookie jar...

The bright colors of these items will go perfectly with the look I'm going for at the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace show coming up this weekend just outside Indianapolis. I'm taking lots of colorful furniture, home goods, and fashion to this show, and I'm going to ground it with lots of whites and blacks. As everything is starting to get packed up, I think it will be a great look!

Here are some more of the items, I picked up...
...small wooden cage, a mirrored tray, hand mirror, table candle stand, and cute wall plaque...

The next show I have next next show I have coming up is the first two weekends in April in Elkhart, Illinois. This will be the second year that Prairie Vintage Traveling Show will hold a Vintage Pop-up Market in Elkhart. This year I'm going to set up a booth full of spring colors, natural accents and cool rustic vibe. 

Do you have a thrifting buddy / "bad" influence / go-to-shopping mate?

I hope you made lots of thrifty finds this weekend too! Make sure to hop back to Apron Thrift Girl's page to find more Monday Thrift Shares from this weekend!

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  1. OH what fun finds you found!! Love it!!