Painted Shelves, Vintage Wallpaper

I used this simple book shelf makeover in my antique mall booth, but you can do at home just as easily.

What you need:

-Bookcase (one with removable shelves will work best)
-Primer & Paint
-Vintage wall paper (or contact paper or wrapping paper)
-Double-Sided Tape

First prime and paint bookcase and shelves. Then paint. I picked a classic mid-century color: aqua! The aqua went all over the sides, top and back of the bookcase. The shelves however, I painted white. I did this because I will be using these bookcases in an antique mall booth and I need the items on the shelves to be bright and light.

Then, I found the middle of the top of each bookcase and the middle of the vintage wall paper, marking each with a small pencil line. Now, stick some double-sided tape along the top of the back of the bookcase, don't worry, it's clear and you can still see the pencil marks. Laying the roll on the bottom of the of the bookcase, I pulled the sheet up to the top, so both "middle" pencil marks meet up. Place the wall paper on the double-sided tape, and smooth with your hands. Now, go down about a foot and stick some more tape, in the middle and on the sides...now go down a little more...and a little more.

Here's a close up of the vintage wallpaper...

I personally only did only the strip in the back because I loved the aqua and didn't want to cover it all up.

Then I added the white shelves back and put my items back on.

So does it make a difference???



I think it does! And I'm excited to keep adding more items to these shelves!!

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